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There is no cost to become an Agent in the Code Amber Alertag Global Business Opportunity.

We pay up to 30% commissions monthly on the 15th through PayPal. The product is sold on a subscription basis with payments available monthly, quarterly, simi-annually or annually.

The recurring billing of the subscriptions provides a predictable monthly residual income from your personal sales and the sales of your referred agents up to 7 levels.

The Code Amber Alertag parent company is an internationally recognized leader in emerging technologies and the holder of a multitude of international patents. The company stock is publicly traded under the GTXO symbol.

Please read the following rules before you proceed.

  1. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for Spam, enough said..
  2. We require a verified email address for each agent. You will receive a verification email after completing the form below. The verification link in that email must be clicked to activate your Code Amber Alertag Agency.
  3. Commissions are paid once a month through PayPal. The email address below does not need to be your PayPal email address. You will add your PayPal address in the private members' area once you verify your account.

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  • Help Building Your Agency
  • Get paid monthly
  • Up to 30% commissions
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  • Recurring earnings
  • Paid on up to 7 levels
  • Never a fee to participate
  • Publicly traded Parent Co
  • Universal product
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  • No territorial restrictions
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  • Popular for pets too

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